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Invisalign is a comfortable and modern teeth straightening system that helps you to achieve the smile of your dreams. Solving the problem of crooked teeth tends to be associated with a series of unpleasantries resulting from the presence of conventional braces in the mouth – affecting your appearance, eating restrictions, and thorough hygiene. Invisalign, via revolutionary plastic films, can eliminate most defects without these limitations!

MUDr. Ivo Marek

MUDr. Ivo Marek Ph.D. is one of the leading orthodontists in the Czech Republic. He encountered the Invisalign system while working at the Smile Ortho Clinic in Dublin. The excellent results from the treatment while maintaining the comfort of patients led him to be the first to start using the system in the Czech Republic. He has had, by far, the most patients with successfully completed treatments. He is actively involved as a coordinator of the Invisalign university programme. He is also a scientific leader and the principle lecturer.

The basic premise of successful treatment is to entrust the treatment into the hands of an experienced orthodontist. An inappropriately led treatment will not achieve the ideal results. The STOMMA Clinic, under the leadership of MUDr. Ivo Marek Ph.D. can offer you a professional solution for teeth straightening using the Invisalign system.

Why Invisalign

The teeth are shielded by transparent films that are thin and colourless. Therefore, it’s really about invisible braces. Invisalign will bring you many other benefits compared to traditional treatment methods.

You can see the virtual results and treatment plan before you even start wearing the first aligner. The aligners are made of soft plastic and are great to wear. Their undisputed advantage is the ability to remove them and perform your hygiene routine perfectly. There are no eating restrictions or interference with taste. There are no mouth abrasions and they are extremely comfortable to wear. Checks are not needed as often as with traditional braces, usually consisting of just one visit every 3 months.

Comparison with conventional treatment


  • aligners are invisible and comfortable
  • removable and easy to clean
  • minimum restrictions in your diet

Fixed braces

  • brackets and wires are visible,
    can irritate the gums
  • care must be taken to ensure proper hygiene
  • dietary restrictions